Dated 7 September 1683. Recorded 12 September 1683, Lancaster County, Virginia
Will Book 5, Page 89

(Values in pounds of tobacco)

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An Inventory of the Goods and Chattells of the late decd Mr. Benjamine Dogget apprized by we whose names are underwritten, viszt.

To one Trunck of Bookes					2000
To one Still and Worme					0400
To one Kettle						0300
To one old Flock bed					0100
To one old Feather Bed, boulster and two pillowes,
  one Side Curtain and vallian				1000
To one Flock bed boulster two pillowes two old
  blanckt. 1 old Rugg					0400
To one old feather bed two pillowes one old Rugg	0400
To three pairs of old sheets six old napkins one old
  Draper Table Cloth one fine pillowe one p'cell of
  old table Linnens & Bed Linnen			0250
To one Lookeing glasse					0070
To a p'cell of old pewter				0250
To a p'cell of Tin ware					0060
To a p'cell of Earthen Ware				0050
To one old Warmeing pan one small brasse morter		0040
To two spitts one Iron Dripping pan and two
  frieing pans						0140
To three Iron potts two paire of pothookes		0200
To one Brass pot and a p'cell of old brass		0150
To Two Pestles one paire of potracks			0100
To two sawes and foure wedges				0150
To a p'cell of old caske				0150
To a p'cellof Carpenters Tooles				0200
To a p'cell of old household Iron Ware			0100
To a p'cell of old howes				0050
To one old suit of clothes and one old hat		0250
To one old Grindstone					0020
To one old Chest and one old Table and one Chest
  of Drawers						0400
To one p'cell of old Sea Bedding			0040
To one Table Basket one small Trunck			0030
To Two paper bookes					0100
To a p'cell of old pailes and trayes			0030
To Three Horses						2700
To one manservt. haveinge 27 days to serve		0070
To one woman Servt. haveing two months to serve		0010
To Three Cowes
To Two Two yeare old Heiffers
To Two Two yeare old Steers
To one Four yeare old Steare
To three yearlings
To a bill of William Hearde 1 pound Sterl.
To a bill of William Dye				0200
To a bill of Wm. West					0075
To a bill of Henery Boatman				0156
To a bill of Robert Chowning				0200
To a bill of George Maples				0050
To a bill of George Page				0050
To a p'cell of pipe staves				0500
To two old Bookes etc. one Smoothing Iron		0100
To a p'cell of Decay'd Leather				0150
				Jane Doggett
Nich: George
Stephen Chilton
Thomas Tomson
Jno. Davis       P.sig.

Sworn before me 7ber ye
7th   Tho: Marshall
Exhibitim Cur: Com: Lancast.duodecimo
die Septembris Ao. Dome.1683 p. Sacramt.
Jane Doggett vid & Relict Benjamine
Doggett deseased. Jur. in Cur.
Test: Johe. Stretchley Cl. Cur.
Record decimo quinto die sequent.
Johem. Stretchley
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